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2/3 – Oxford Sprints (High School Race)

After a brutally cold start at Roberts farm in Norway the Oxford Sprints Finals were held around 2pm in warm sun. Finalists fought through 4 early 1km elimination races to make it to the finals.

In the boy's final, four of the six finalists were from greater Portland - Deering Senior, Peter Jordan; his younger brother William and Simon Pratico and Ethan Livingood from Falmouth. Filling out the six were Connor Dolan from Central Maine Ski Club and Gaelan Boyle-Wight from Telstar. In the end Peter Jordan won followed by Dolan, Livingood, William Jordan, Pratico and Boyle-Wight. It was a redemptive win for Jordan, after a slip at the start of last year's final cost him the title.

The girl's final featured three women from greater Portland - Eva Clement of Falmouth, Jenny Wilbraham of Morse and Karli Leighton from Mt Ararat. Meg Charles from Mt. Blue won followed by Clement, Wilbraham, Gwinna Remillard of Central Maine Ski Club and Leighton. Wilbraham was thought to be a favorite based on her best finish of the group in last week's at Sassi and a 30 second-plus advantage over the others at the Maranacook Waves. However, Meg Charles showed she should be respected the rest of the season.

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